Särskola är i sin grund segregerande, på så sätt att den enbart är öppen för elever med en viss typ av problematik (=utvecklingsstörning).
Här kommer en lista av forskning som visar att segregation kan vara missgynsam för eleverna. Jag har INTE faktagranskat.

Studies Shedding Light on the Negative Effects of Educating Children in Self-Contained Classroom

 No educational advantage of a self-contained, segregated classroom, only disadvantages. (Buckley, S.J., Bird, G., Sacks, B. & Archer, T., 2006)
 No academic advantage (Falvey, 2004)
 Inferior quality of IEP goals (Hunt & Farron-Davis, 1992)
 Poorer quality of instruction in academic skills (NCLB, Wheelock, 1992)
 Lack of generalization to regular environments (Stokes & Baer, 1977)
 Disruption of opportunities for sustained interactions and social relationships with typical students (Strully & Strully, 1992)
 Decrease in the confidence that general education teachers have for teaching diverse learners (Giangreco et al., 1993)
 Absence of appropriate role and behavior models (Lovett, 1996)
 Negative impact on classroom climate and student attitudes about differences (Fisher, Sax, & Rodifer, 2000)
 Children with Down Syndrome who are educated in special classrooms are more than 2 years behind on expressive language than children with Down Syndrome who are fully included (Buckley, DownsEd)
 No gains were made in speech and language in the students that were in special classrooms (Buckley, DownsEd)
 No improvements in school achievements (Cuckle, 1998)
 There is no such thing as a self-contained world, educating students in a self-contained room does not allow the students to learn all of the other things they will need to survive in this very large world (Decatur & Bassett, 2007)
 Students who stay their whole career in a self-contained classroom, have a 5 percent shot at a diploma. And that is immoral,” said the DOE’s chief academic officer, Shael Polakow-Suransky. “We cannot allow thousands of kids to be confined to failure.”
 Disruption of sustained opportunities for social relationships (Strully & Strully, 1992)
 Disruption of Maslow’s Theory that “all human beings need to belong before they can achieve” (Kunc, 1992)

Källa: http://www.fullinclusionforcatholicschools.org/harmful-effects-of-segregation/